Disability benefits are easier to obtain with a knowledgeable attorney

Obtaining disability benefits can be frustrating if you don't understand how the process and system works.  Without years of experience pursuing disability claims, you are at a major disadvantage.  Avoiding pitfalls, assembling persuasive medical proof, and crafting winning arguments is an art best polished over hundreds of claims.

A knowledgeable and experienced disability attorney can help you by:

  • Obtaining reports from treating doctors that are consistent with Social Security regulations
  • Referring claimants to specialists for additional reports that answer questions raised by Social Security regulations
  • Obtaining a vocational expert's evaluation of your ability to work
  • Asking that a prior application for benefits be reopened
  • Seeking a waiver of a time limit
  • Requesting subpoenas to insure the presence of crucial witnesses or documents
  • Advising you on how best to prepare for and testify at the hearing
  • Objecting to improper evidence or procedures at the hearing
  • Cross-examining adverse witnesses
  • Presenting an opening or closing statement
  • Submitting a written summary of the evidence and argument
  • If you win, making sure the SSA correctly calculates benefits
  • If you lose, requesting review of the hearing decision by the Appeals Council

For this work, a disability attorney will typically charge 25% of your back benefits, up to a maximum set by the Commissioner of Social Security, which is currently $7,200.